Clear The Way

Peace of Mind, Restored

Experience a powerful sound healing experience facilitated in a group setting where you’ll be able to regain clarity, inner peace & harmony.

  • anxiety
  • guilt
  • stress
  • worry
  • depression
  • rage
  • harmony
  • peace of mind
  • clarity
  • focus
  • joy
  • well-being

Deadlines, unfinished projects, mounting responsibilities — life can get overwhelming — leaving you feeling stuck and exhausted. All this heaviness weighs you down and your whole life can feel cluttered and fragmented.

Playing crystal singing bowls

Using meditative breath work and a set of ‘singing’ bowls to invoke the vibration of sharp, pure soundwaves, we create a restorative space that allows your mind to relax with deep intensity so that dense emotions can be transmuted into a renewed state of being.

You’ll emerge from the experience fresh & clear. And from this re-alignment, you’ll see your life from a wholly improved perspective.

It was as if — all of a sudden — there was room for possibility,” the sound, Ms. Harris said, penetrated her body and made her feel as if it were not only her thoughts about death that were breaking up, “but these poisonous cells, these cancer cells, were breaking up and I experienced something very healing.”

From “What’s the Buzz?”
the New York Times article
on sound therapy

Playing Style

Lauri uses 9 crystal singing bowls to create melodic, soothing powerful sounds. His style is unique, flowing and elegant, lightly touching the bowls and weaving the tones into a beautiful and rich holographic sound experience. The resonance of the bowls is felt in the body and mind, making space for a new state of being.

About the Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Bowls on the ground

For the sound healing portion of our events, we use singing bowls for their ability to dissolve negative thought patterns and emotions, transmuting them into harmony, ease, joy and gratitude — effortlessly.

Specifically at Pyourified, we use crystal alchemy bowls, which — in contrast to more metallic-sounding Tibetan singing bowls, for example — produce the brightest, sharpest tones of all singing bowls available for sound therapy.

The result is an elegantly pure tone unlike anything else, and the depth of the resonating sound serves as the most efficient catalyst for graceful healing and consciousness-raising.