Come Together

Experience Deep Clarity

Our events are designed to help you to relax on a profound level where realisation of your full potential emerges with ease.

Join us at Finnish Hall (upstairs Meeting Room) in Berkeley on June 30th @ 7:30pm for our inaugural Friends & Family event. Click on the image below for more info.

Join us at our inaugrual friends & family event

Based on extensive research and experience we have created an event format for inner healing and reset. Supported by powerful tools — breath, meditation, sound and conversation — we will create a safe space for you to easily transcend internal blockages and realize your true beingness where life feels effortless and harmonious.

The layered structure of our events supports you to see through patterns that have not allowed you to live your life as a master. The Pyourified event works with all levels of experience: body, mind, feelings & emotions — so total clarity and deep harmony can emerge undisturbed.

Our desire for you is that you will feel the most powerful awakening in a trustworthy space and regain inner harmony, clarity and peace of mind.

We want you to see your dreams and desires clearly and realize that any resistance or blockages are not fundamentally there.

How are Pyourified events formatted?
We start with some breathing exercises to release you from the mind and become fully present, then continue with a short meditation, followed by the sounds of the bowls. Afterwards, we will have a conversational Q&A to peel away any intellectual confusion and allow clarity to emerge more fully.

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Stay up to date with everything Pyourified and as a bonus, you’ll receive 3 months of free streaming access to our 5-minute sound therapy recording Journey to the Mountains.