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We believe it is in a purified state of being — which lies within each and every one of us — where our full potential is realized.

Our purpose is driven by our passion to help humanity, one person at at time, to rapidly experience clarity and inner alignment — and be reminded of how easily both can be regained.

At the beginning of 2017 life brought together Jeffrey, Moly and Lauri. After sharing each other’s life stories, they immediately recognised they had similar passions for using the talents they were given to serve humanity. Additionally, they each felt they had spent much of their individual paths further refining their skills and hungered to grow their positive impact on the world.

Specifically, it became clear that Moly’s passion for visual beauty, meditation and breathwork, Jeffrey’s immense talent for sharp clarity through coaching and Lauri’s elegant sound artistry could be merged into the unique offering that is known today as Pyourified — which they now lovingly offer up for the greatest benefit and wellbeing of humanity.

Lauri Poldre

Lauri Poldre plays a crystal singing bowl.

Lauri is a co-founder of Pyourified and an internationally recognised crystal singing bowl master from Estonia who has been sharing sound healing since 2014.

Growing up in a musical family — his father played violin for the National Opera, and mother was a music teacher — Lauri was exposed to classical music from an early age, regularly attending all types of musical performances.

After completing an MSc in Computer and Systems Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology, he worked for 15 years as a Sales and Marketing Manager at hi-tech companies in Europe and the U.S. During that time he collaborated with companies such as Microsoft, NASA, Oracle, Cisco, General Electric, MakerBot and others. Despite great success and financial freedom he began to sense that something was missing and that his life had to change on a very deep level. He moved to the Big Island of Hawaii for an extended break. There — supported by nature, pure fresh food, and solitude — he experienced a profound awakening; he realised his true purpose and passion.

He met several sound healers on the East and West coasts of the U.S. and acquired his first set of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Initially he planned to use these as a personal tool for relaxation and reset, but as his music evolved he was increasingly invited to perform in public. He quit his tech job to dedicate himself fully to exploring sound healing, working with mentors in California and Colorado who taught him techniques and secrets of the singing bowls. In 2016, the co-founders of Crystal Tones, the manufacturer of the bowls Lauri uses, officially accorded him the status of Bowl Master.

Today, after three years of exploring, studying, extensive traveling and performing for thousands of people around the world, Lauri wants to demonstrate to people through the vibration of the crystal bowls that an enhanced state of being is available to anybody and can be evoked effortlessly. He wants people to recognise clarity, peace of mind, and gratitude as a sign of inner alignment with their true life path.

Lauri Poldre meditating headshot.

Jeffrey Berlin

Jeff Berlin headshot 1

Jeffrey helps people experience a clear sense of ease during this powerful time of global transition that is now changing all elements of society as we know it.

From a very young age, Jeff wanted to be of service. At twenty-one, he had a realization: in order to have access to the tools needed for any real change to occur outwardly, he would have to be totally open and vulnerable within.

This began a journey that took him inside his own heart and the power structures of the world simultaneously. He studied at the London School of Economics, worked at the United Nations in Rome and served a stint at the San Francisco mayor’s office. This led to international corporate law and finance consulting opportunities overseas and a corporate coaching career. As he worked, he observed the dilemmas facing the world's most trusted institutions as open-heartedly as he could: three different physical illnesses then overtook his focus. The path back to health helped him discover spiritual practice, and he eventually returned to wellness.

During Jeff's healing, he recognized the power of unity and chose to marshal his passion for service towards collaborative work alongside the other team-members of Pyourified. Within the context of a collaborative co-creation — where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts — Jeff unlocks the potential for people who desire change within their hearts and lives.

Using a seamless integration of well-honed skills in coaching, business and governance, sharp intuition and a spiritual vision, Jeff now expresses himself as a facilitator at Pyourified; to create spacious channels of love, care and compassion for humungous ripple-effects of benefit throughout the world to occur.

Jeff Berlin headshot 2

Moly Yim

Moly Yim headshot 1

Through meditation, Moly helps people connect with the deep, intuitive truth that lives within themselves.

Born to immigrant parents fleeing genocide in Cambodia, he grew up in the inner city, surrounded by a certain brand of strife & violence. This, coupled with a cultural environment that profoundly suppressed emotional expression, Moly collapsed under all the pressure into a suicidal depression at adolescence.

Eventually, he hit an emotional rock bottom at which point he had a spontaneous awakening “of Grace by Grace,” as he calls it, where he experienced an intense enlightenment for about 3 months of transcendent spiritual experiences beyond words.

Reeling from this departure from the norm, Moly spent the rest of his teen years figuring out what that experience meant and what it was supposed to give him. Where could life could go from there?

After a balancing out, he integrated the wisdom from his spiritual studies into his adult life and launched a prolific career as a creative workhorse incorporating graphic design, web programming, photography, and branding, eventually producing work for nearly every major ad agency in Boston.

His creative portfolio spanned across international brands including: GM, FedEx, American Express, Virgin, Visa, National Geographic and many others before transitioning to a tech startup, incubated at Harvard, and accepted into an accelerator program in San Francisco.

After riding the craze of the tech world, Moly took note of the growing discontent in society and felt an urgency to use his creativity to serve in a bigger way, so he left startup life to follow his calling: build brands that awaken human consciousness. He’s proud to now call Pyourified one of them, where he also leads meditations and hopes that many souls will benefit from the Pyourified experience.

Moly Yim headshot 2

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